Automotive AC Repair

Automotive AC Repair - Dallas

An AC device can provide more than relief and, sometimes, can also prevent inside your windshield from condensing or misting.

Why contend with uncomfortable temperatures since your car isn’t cool enough? Mobile Mechanics of Dallas can help locate and fix issues with a thorough automotive AC repair.

A mobile technician can go through the car’s air conditioning and check that it works as expected.

We will give you a mobile mechanic, so if you’re at home or the workplace, you can feel more relaxed knowing that a mobile mechanic is a call away to fix your AC.Here are a few points, which can lead our Dallas mobile mechanic to do a simple automotive AC repair in Dallas on any kind of car.

Please Note: Routine annual car services can help avoid many of these problems.

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  • Top Warning Signals of Dallas Automotive AC Repair?

    Here are several symptoms you may face and can require you to contact the best mobile mechanic who can carry out automotive AC repair.

    • Air-conair is warmer than ambient
    • Blown air smells damp and moldy
    • Your cabin isn’t any cooler
    • The A/C will work when driving only
    • The AC air is only cool, or warm
    • Weak airflow at any setting
  • Weak AirflowCauses

    Nothing is worse than to know that on a sweltering day, you need to contact Mobile Mechanics of Dallas. You do need to address the AC car for minor things instead of waiting for it to turn into big automotive AC repair tasks.

    The main reasons forlack of airflow are:

    • Accumulation of mold or mildew
    • Blower hoses to deliver air are loose
    • Air ventilation fan not spinning properly
    • Seals degrading or breaking

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What My Clients Say?

“I had a faulty sensor in my AC. I contacted Mobile Mechanics of Dallas, and they came to conduct their detailed automotive AC repair. Brilliant and it took hardly any time to fix.!!”

Debbie Dews

 – Dallas

Dallas Automotive AC Repair Checklist

When our mobile mechanic arrives, he will use a checklist to isolate the glitchrequiring automotive AC repair.

A comprehensive analysis of AC blower controls

  • Test coolants, radiators, operating temperatures, hoses, thermostats and pressures
  • Compressor belt tests
  • Inspections for leaking seals and other damage
  • Perform pressure tests for the cooling
  • Verification of the A/C device pressures follows manufacturer recommendations
  • Measurements of vent temperatures

An experienced mobile mechanic in Dallas can run through his detailed checks quickly and very efficiently.

Warm Air from Car AC Dallas TX 75214
  • Warm Air from AC Needs Automotive AC Repair

    AC diagnostics from a professional mobile mechanic will make your vehicle nice and cool in no time. The lack of cold air from an AC unit is unpleasant on hot days, but even with strong ventilation, if it doesn’t cool, you’ll need a mobile mechanic to operate your AC system.

    Causes for no AC Cooling:

    • Damage to Condenser or evaporator
    • Clogged extension tubes
    • Blocked refrigerant filling hoses
    • Faulty compressor or Compressor clutch
    • Faulty blower motor or resistance
    • Leaking devices from failed O-rings, seals, or hoses

    With your AC system, contacting Mobile Mechanics of Dallas saves aggravation and expense later. Regardless of place or time of day, our mechanics will fix your AC in and around Dallas 24/7. You must be carfull when buying a used car , pre-purchasse inspection is a way to free that scare.

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