Let’s get that Volkswagen rolling! – Dallas, TX

We love working on VDubs! These cars are truly some of the funnest to drive. If you keep your eyes open, you can find a working VW for only a few thousand dollars and with some basic maintenance as well as easily replaced parts that will have it running indefinitely (especially since rust isn’t an issue here in Dallas). Some mobile mechanics from our company grew up doing repairs right here themselves- so they've developed all sorts of skills necessary when making sure yours lasts longer than most people's old beaters do these days .

Even though most people who own a Volkswagen aren’t afraid to use tools and get dirty, sometimes you end up with the problem. For others it starts as soon they start repairing their car themselves only for some assistance is needed at certain points during installation or removal process until one gets back on track again by taking advantage of our service offerings which will give them complete peace-of mind knowing no matter what level auto repair need from us we have got covered!


Free Instant Quote

  • Come in for a no-pressure auto repair consultation and we’ll take care of all the details. We will ask you questions about your car, its history, as well any repairs done to date - so that our mechanics can better understand what needs repairing or replacing on yours.

    This way they know which path is best suited for saving money while also achieving goals without unwanted surprises popping! up later- like when paying for fuel pump replacement (e30) only to find out the timing belt (also attached to this part) needs replaced as well because it was previously corroded by fuel.

    We’ll make sure we sources high-quality parts at the best possible prices and let you decide what to do next. Its because of this transparency that has kept customers calling us back time after time again!

    If you find yourself in Dallas, get your VW out on the road with one call by coming into our store today - no matter how small or big the problem may be, just ask away here + give them a quote for repairs plus get free local delivery too!.

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