Oil Change in Dallas, TX

Oil Change in Dallas, TX

To ensure the longevity and safety for your engine, it is best that you use an oil with matching specifications when performing maintenance on any car. This includes using diesel or gas engine oils in addition to other types like gasoline engines which all require different fluids depending upon their make-and model year/style of vehicle

  • When you come for an oil change, the technician will inspect your cabin filter
  • Extra benefit that checks other important filters
  • Addresses customer fears of mechanic switching their motor oil to a more expensive type of fuel

Engine oil is a crucial component of your car's engine and will help you avoid many more problems if it's kept in good condition.

A lot can go wrong with an engine without proper lubrication, but making sure that the level gets topped up every month or two does wonders!

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  • Why oil is important?

    Oil is one of the most important parts of your car. If you've ever wondered why oil is so important for car to have longevity, read on!

    If you take care of your oil by getting it changed at regular intervals and follow the recommended service periods that are provided in your owner's manual then you will save yourself a lot of money and hassle. You will experience fewer mechanical problems and your car's engine will last longer than if you let the oil become dirty and harmful to the various engine components.

    One of the biggest concerns people have is whether or not they should switch their regular conventional oil for synthetic blend or full synthetic oils. The short answer is that you don't need to switch your oil every time for synthetic. The oils do not spoil so you can use them interchangeably as required by the service schedule of your car.

  • Why oil breaks down?

    Using synthetic oil can increase gas mileage by about 2% because the oil is more slippery than conventional oil.

    If you want to switch your engine oil then it is preferable that you use full synthetic oils as they are the best for high performance engines. It will provide better lubrication and protection against heat, friction and shock.

    Even if your car's engine oil level is low or dirty, you can top it up with full synthetic to try and save your car.

    The price of the oil does not depend on the type of oil that you are buying. Full synthetic oils are more expensive than Conventional motor oils but there is no difference!

    Most people often mistake oil's that have "Energy Conserving" on them for being synthetic oils. This is false, these are conventional motor oils.

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Ignition Wires

When the ignition wires are beginning to go, they create resistance in the wire which causes voltage loss. This can result in your car not starting or idling rough. Replacing ignition wires can bring everything back up to full speed.

It's worth noting that most modern cars have direct-fit spark plugs with integrated copper or platinum wiring – which means you won't have to replace the whole coil every time you get a new plug.

Distributor Cap & Rotor (if applicable)

The distributor cap and rotor are responsible for sending the spark from your ignition coil to each of your car's cylinders. A technician can check these components by using a multimeter so they can be replaced if necessary. The capacitor won't need replacing as a whole, but you will have to replace damaged or dried out seals around it. Car diagnostic also Importantly done timely.

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  • How often should you change your oil?

    Oil pan - The oil pan is a container that holds the oil, it sits right below where your car's engine spins. In some cars, this container is just a simple hole, while in others it may have valves that regulate the flow of oil.

    Oil pump - The Oil Pump takes the dirty, thick oil from the oil pan and pumps it through your car's engine block, using an impeller to circulate this same dirty oil around all of your engine parts.

    Oil filter - The oil filter takes the dirty oil that has just been circulated throughout your engine and collects all of the large chunks of contaminants, then the oil that is filtered back into your car will be clean and more effective.

    What are the benefits of changing your own oil?

    Saves money

    Saves time

    Saves the environment

    Oil changes in a shop can cost well over $50, whereas you can do it yourself for much cheaper.

    Oil changes are only every 5-8k miles, so not having to wait in line at the shop, and doing it yourself saves a lot of time.

    Conventional oil can produce up to 25% of the total waste produced by cars, this means that switching to synthetic oil can reduce our impacts on the environment.

    How to check your oil yourself?

    This is a simple process, you can find your oil dipstick in the front of the engine block. Remove it and wipe it off with a paper towel or cloth, then re-insert it and pull it back out. The oil that comes off the stick will be black, but if your dipstick has two marks, the first one at the top will be your oil level, and the second will indicate when you need to change it.

    What oil should you use?

    Your owner's manual will tell you specifically which oil type is recommended for your car, but seeing as this information is usually found in the back of your manual, you can also look up the information online.

    Most engines work best with conventional oil, but switching to synthetic oil will typically improve performance and engine life.

    How often should you change your oil?

    This is a difficult question, as it varies on many factors, but most conventional oil can last for 5-8k miles before it needs to be changed. With synthetic oil, this number can typically increase to 10,000 miles.

    When your oil is changed at a shop, you should also get your filters and components changed, while you could do it yourself, having a mechanic that is experienced in your car's make and model will ensure much better results.

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