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Many modern cars have built-in sensors that can warn of problems which could be affecting your car's ignition system and fuel or emissions systems. In some cases, the light may flash or stay on permanently; either way you should call our Dallas mobile mechanics as soon as possible to schedule a full diagnostics check so we find out what is going on! It might just turn out like an oil change would do for most people - but if not then there’s probably something more serious wrong with their vehicle than they realize (and yes this does happen).

The brakes are one of the most important parts on your vehicle. When they need to be maintained, make sure that you take care of them immediately so as not to experience any accidents or worse- BRAKES FAILURE!!!


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  • Possible causes for car breaks failure?

    1. Here are some reasons why car breaks fail:

      • Bad wheel alignment causes uneven pressures against the wheel cylinders which reduces the effectiveness of wheel cylinders.
      • Oil contamination causes sticking of piston seals in wheel cylinders.
      • Faulty brake fluid can leak through the closed hydraulic brake lines that connect to the wheel cylinders.
      • Car shaking while braking means that something is wrong with the brake pads .
      • Changes in brake pads can be due to a faulty or badly adjusted parking brake.
      • Replacement parts may not install correctly resulting in leaks at each wheel cylinder.
      • Brakes may be worn out due to general wear and tear over time. As your car gets older, it’s not at all unusual for you to need a brake job at some point. When this happens, our mobile mechanics can provide you with the help you need so that your car’s breaks are up to par once again.
      • Driving over speed bumps too quickly causes damage to the geometry of the calipers.
      • Overheated brake fluid can cause boiling in wheel cylinders. this is a sure sign that you need to have your brakes looked at by our mobile mechanics ASAP.
      • Incorrect installation of the parking brake cable can cause failure of either or both front or rear wheel cylinders.
      • Sudden application of the brake pedal when you floor it causes damage to the geometry of the calipers.
      • Brakes can be failing due to built up rust on brake shoes.
      • Brake fluid can leak from the brake lines.

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  • Check Engine Light Comes On When Starting The Car

    There are two possible reasons why the check engine light comes on when starting your car. First, if you recently changed the air filter or did some work under the hood, this might have falsely triggered a check engine light.

    A full diagnostics test will include:

    o Visual inspection of related components for obvious problems

    • o System analysis from computer related printouts or display
    • o Research of Technical Service Bulletins for possible related symptoms
    • o Pin Point testing to eliminate possible problem areas
    • Get the results you need with one stop shopping. No need to be driving around looking for specialists or wasting precious time on phone calls
    • Benefit from our years in experience: we've seen and heard it all before, so we'll get right to the point! Anticipate what troubleshooting steps will be necessary and take them in order until we find the problem.
    • We'll provide a report that identifies each potential issue and how it can be fixed
    • Car AC device is working or not.

    We are mobile mechanics that can provide a detailed report once all the diagnostic tests have been completed, showing you the direction which needs to be taken before any repairs are undertaken. Give us call today for a car diagnostic task kn Dallas!

    We've provided exceptional automotive repair service in Dallas for years because we enjoy keeping cars running safely and smoothly--handling everything from oil change or rotation on an engine right up through major tune ups like timing belts replacement; replacing filters inside air-blowers underhood plus many other high quality services at competitive rates.

Do You Have Car To Be Fixed?