Mesquite Memorial Stadium

Mesquite Memorial Stadium is a place of endless excitement and pride for locals in the Dallas, Texas area. Located in the heart of downtown Mesquite, this stadium has been home to various teams over the years, from high school football games to professional soccer. It originally opened its doors in 1953 as a venue for high school sporting events, but since then, it has become much more than just a sports venue. It's also hosted numerous concerts, festivals, and other special events throughout the years.

Renowned architect Kenneth Hurdle designed the stadium with an impressive seating capacity of 15,000 people. It's one of only two stadiums within Dallas that can boast such numbers. The stadium consists primarily of synthetic turf, making it a great place to watch any type of sporting event. It's also equipped with seating and lighting that can be adjusted for different levels of play. The stadium is well-designed and even has wheelchair-accessible seating.


In addition to regular high school football games and other sports competitions, it's also home to concerts featuring renowned artists such as U2, Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, Taylor Swift, and Bruno Mars. Local festivals like Mesquite Boomtown Days and the annual Mesquite Rodeo are also held at the stadium each year.


As if all this wasn't enough reason to visit the Mesquite Memorial Stadium in the city, the surrounding area also has many attractions. There's the historic downtown area, complete with antique shops and restaurants. There's also Mesquite ProRodeo, where you can experience some of the best rodeo action in Texas. Moreover, the stadium is located just minutes away from an array of excellent golf courses, as well as parks and other outdoor activities.


The stadium offers various amenities, including multiple concession stands and restrooms. Numerous parking spots are available for those who plan to drive to the stadium. The audio system throughout the stadium is top-notch and provides great sound quality so that all spectators can enjoy every moment of the game or event.

Overall, Mesquite Memorial Stadium in Dallas, Texas is an amazing place to take in some sports action and experience other special events. It has something for everyone, whether you're looking for a place to watch a high school football game or simply want to soak up some local culture with one of its festivals. It's sure to please both locals and visitors alike!